Key advantages for having me champion your cause:

Academic background

My very start was marked by the passion for understanding the intricate nature of our society. Obtaining a D.E.C. in Social Science and Commerce at Marianopolis College was the perfect first step on the long path ahead. It enabled me to focus my research and complete with honors Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Political Science at Concordia University. This armed me with the philosophy of social and cognitive principles necessary to develop a dedication for studying the law that governs behaviour in our society. The Faculty of Law at McGill University was fundamental to my grasp on what serves as a social mediator of relations between people, along with aquiring vast ammounts of legal knowledge, principles and doctrines. The Bar of Quebec and Bar of Montreal provide me the tools I need to run my private practice, a law office driven by the principles, knowledge, and critical thinking I've been developing throughout my career path. I am proud to offer my clients a stellar academic background designed for a trial attorney, and a firm dedication for litigation backed by all the tools required to execute.

Exceptional communication

  • Exceptional communication and people skills expertise stemming from natural abilities polished by years of academic training and practical experience.
  • Have direct access to your lawyer, without intermediary, on a regular basis.
  • Nothing is done without the client's knowledge and approval.
  • Take advantage of a knowledgeable attorney explaining the law and its implications.
  • I'm fluid in English and French since a very young age; most importantly I'm able to think in both languages and switch on the spot.

I raise my bar by winning cases

  • My law office ensures all clients receive ample preparation before a trial, legal interview, contract signing, and any other important legal proceedings.
  • Take calculated risks and make the right call with the help of my legal opinions and advice based on research, past experience, and understanding of similar situations.
  • I take pride in my ability to identify key strategic issues and use the law to help advance my client's business and personal life.
  • Think ahead of the game using legal strategies I design after working through issues in theory and logically deduce the best course of action.

Excellent value for your money

  • A strong work ethic makes me available, responsive, and amenable to time frame and expectations.
  • My fees are reachable, affordable and unquestionably clear.

Areas of Law

Areas of Law

I specialize practicing law in the following areas:


  • Legally enforceable agreements (between two or more parties with mutual obligations)
  • Remedy at law for breach of contract ("damages" or monetary compensation)
  • Discovering Latent Defects after buying a house


  • Divorce, marriage annulment, patrimony partition, child custody and visitation, child support and alimony awards, compensatory allowance

Estate Planning

  • Maximizing the value of the estate by minimizing taxes and other expenses
  • Foreseeing and arranging for the disposal of an estate

Family Law

  • Marriage, civil unions, domestic partnerships, marriage contracts
  • Filiation, adoption, surrogacy

Immigration and Refugee Law

  • Immigration and Refugee Protection
  • Family Class: permanent residents or citizens who sponsor a family member's entrance into the country
  • Economic Class: admission to applicants (and their immediate families) who are supposed to be likely to find employment and contribute to the Canadian economy
  • Claims for refugee status and admissibility
  • Appeals of the decisions (of the immigration officers) to Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada and Federal Court


  • Bringing or contesting a civil action in a court of law


  • Passing on property, titles, debts, rights and obligations upon the death of an individual
  • Succession conflicts regarding legal jurisdiction
  • Probate of wills


  • Creation and management of trusts


  • Establishing a legal document expressing the desires of the testator with regard to the disposition of their estate after the testator's death

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