Thinking about divorce?

Your legal options for divorce

Divorce is not easy and should honestly be the last resort. Talking to your spouse, therapy, and marriage counseling are some examples of things to try before this major life change.

And if divorce is necessary, there are several dispute resolution procedures which, through collaborative efforts and mediation, offer durable solutions that meet the reasonable needs and interests of all parties.

Unfortunately, reality isn't always peace and love. If you find yourself in the situation where legal fighting is necessary, your bet is going on the seasoned champion.

Ad victorem spolias

I am a divorce attorney with a private practice specialized in the art of adversarial resolution of disputes. I've been trained by an ivy league law school and have a background in psychology. I possess the ability to present a case in the most legally persuasive manner in the following scenarios:

  • Divorce settlement based on adversarial negotiations, where the quality of negotiations and dispute resolution skills determines the biggest possible measurable outcome for self.
  • Litigation and adversarial representation during court-based procedures where your long-term goals, your future, and the future of your children rests on the legal training and trial experience of your attorney.

Contact me to find out if your case fits the legal framework and has the evidence necessary for this type of legal procedures.

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